Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walnut Festival

Parker took our whole family to Special Needs Day at the Walnut Festival. The Festival reserves an evening for families to come free of charge and enjoy the rides. I like to joke around and say it is an opportunity for them to make sure that all the rides are set up safely. When you are walking across a wood swinging bridge and a child with Autism is jumping up and down it makes a person wonder.

Our family had a blast and Parker was the hero in his brothers eyes. No lines, unlimited rides, free prizes and early entrance is a gift only Parker can give. It was fun to have a night were you look around and feel like your WHOLE family belongs. Parker loves the rides and Hunter is ready to live on a diet of broccoli so that he will be big enough for the bumper cars next year.

Quote of the night:
"Mom, I want to ride on the coffee cups"
Hunter Nelson

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