Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quotes of the Day

"Mom when I tell you I want something then you have to get it for me!"
Hunter Nelson

Hunter had a friend over for a play date. He had ants crawling up his leg and I told him to shake them off before they crawled up his pants and made him do the boogie dance. He asked "whats a boogie dance?" Hunter replied "I've had ants crawl up my pants but I've never had a boogie dance." His friend asked again "whats a boogie dance?" "It's a dance that ants do" said Hunter.

"We wanted to get you Rock Band for your birthday but dad said it was too expensive."
Camden Nelson

"I looked in my changing room. I looked in my sleeping room. I looked in my play room and I can't find my glasses!"
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson

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